Saturday, January 4, 2014

Energy Forecasting @2013

It's been one full year since I moved my posts from my home site to this blog. I think this is the best time to summarize the first year of Energy Forecasting.

Where are the readers?

They are from 105 countries and SARs.

They are from 1419 cities.

The geographical distribution by city is consistent with the earth at night picture taken by NASA. Where the lights are on, there are energy forecasters.

Overall, 6022 unique visitors contributed to 10,504 visits and 20,430 page views in 1,397,032 seconds, according to Google Analytics. (Blogger reported 27,000+ page views.)

Which posts are the most popular ones? 

The Top 10 most viewed posts of 2013 from the most popular (1331 views) to less popular (517 views) are listed below. I really have no idea why my RA openings attracted the most views among all posts...

  1. I'm hiring: research assistantships available 
  2. Tao's recommended reading list for energy forecasters 
  3. Winners announced for Global Energy Forecasting Competition 
  4. Call For Papers: Probabilistic Energy Forecasting | International Journal of Forecasting 
  5. Three must-know basics of forecasting
  6. The most valuable advice I got from Jim Burke 
  7. Three skills of the ideal energy forecaster 
  8. Energy forecasting activities at PESGM2013 
  9. Job openings at SCE: demand forecasting planner and price forecasting analyst 
  10. Getting a PhD in 20 months

Which posts are must-read?

Among 50 blog posts as of 12/31/2013, the following 11 are listed on the Classics page in the reverse chronological order:

  1. Six tips on citing references in a research paper 
  2. Which master would you like to become? 
  3. Why I left a great place to work - from industry to academia 
  4. Getting a PhD in 20 months 
  5. Four steps to review an energy forecasting paper 
  6. The gap between academic research and industry needs 
  7. Tao's recommended reading list for energy forecasters 
  8. Three MORE must-know basics of forecasting 
  9. Three skills of the ideal energy forecaster 
  10. Three must-know basics of forecasting 
  11. The most valuable advice I got from Jim Burke 

Thank you all for the encouragement and support. Happy forecasting in 2014!

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