Monday, December 19, 2022

BigDEAL Challenge 2022 Final Leaderboard

BigDEAL Challenge 2022 attracted 78 teams formed by 121 contestants from 27 countries. 14 teams were advanced to the final match, an ex ante daily peak load forecasting competition. 

The final match includes 6 rounds of ex ante daily peak load forecast tasks. The data were released on a rolling basis. The forecasts were evaluated from three different perspectives: magnitude, timing, and shape, which made the three tracks of the final match. The contestants were asked to submit forecasts for all three tracks in each round. 

The following methodology was used to determine the winners:

  • The teams are ranked for each individual round for each track. 
  • The rank of a missing submission is imputed by the team's worst rank of the corresponding track. 
  • A team has to complete at least 5 rounds to be eligible for the final leaderboard. 
  • The grand champion is determined based on rankings of the highest ranked 5 rounds.

13 teams were eligible for the final leaderboard*:

* Gray entries are students from Dr. Hong's Energy Analytics class offered at UNC Charlotte. 

A few highlights:

  • Amperon is the only team that ranks top 2 in all three tracks (No. 1 in magnitude; No. 2 in timing and shape).
  • Team KIT-IAI is the only team that won two tracks (timing and shape). 
  • 4 teams (Amperon, KIT-IAI, Overfitters, and swissknife) outperform Shreyashi's Recency Benchmark in all three rounds.
  • Rajnish Deo is the best performing individual.
  • Belinda Trotta is the highest ranked individual. 

Details of each track are listed below:

We are working with the teams and journals to have their winning methodologies published. For those of you who are interested in what they did in the competition, stay tuned...

Congratulations to all participating teams and UNC Charlotte students!

Tao Hong and Shreyashi Shukla

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