Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Look Back at ISEA2017

About a year ago, I posted 7 reasons to attend ISEA2017. Last June, we had our very first International Symposium on Energy Analytics at the beautiful city Cairns, Australia. 50 researchers and practitioners from industry and academia across 16 countries attended the symposium. 36 of them also attended ISF2017.

The two-day agenda included 5 keynote presentations, 13 contributed presentations selected from 31 abstract submissions, and 5 GEFCom2017 finalists presentations. At the end of the first day, June 22, 2017, we hosted the GEFCom2017 award ceremony followed by a two-hour cocktail reception. The program agenda, presentations and pictures can be downloaded via THIS LINK.

We have been processing the full paper submissions since then. So far, three papers are currently in press with the Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, one is in press with the Power & Energy Magazine. The remaining papers are going through the peer review system of the International Journal of Forecasting. The accepted ones together with the GEFCom2017 articles are going to be published in an energy forecasting special section edited by Pierre Pinson and myself.  

I want to thank many people who made ISEA2017 a successful event, the keynote speakers, the presenters, the GEFCom2017 winners, and all the attendees of ISEA2017. Special thanks to Rob Hyndman and George Athanasopoulos for the strong local support, our photographer Mitchell O'Hara-Wild for capturing the happy moments, and Pam Stroud for handling the registrations and helping keep things in order. 

Last but not least, big thanks to our sponsors, International Institute of Forecasters, Tangent Works and Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, for their generous financial support that helped to keep the registration fees low. 

Many people have asked me about the next ISEA. I know there will be the next one, but I don't know when and where. If you have any idea or want to help with organizing ISEA, let me know! 

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