Thursday, May 4, 2017

7 Reasons to Attend ISEA2017

The International Symposium on Energy Analytics (ISEA2017) is coming in 7 weeks. If you are still wondering whether you should join the event or not, here are 7 reasons for you to attend ISEA2017:

1. Grow your international network

ISEA2017 is truly international. The early registrations came from 16 countries. As a conference attendee, you will hear 20+ presentations describing methodologies and insights gained from various places in the world. You will also share your experience and expertise with this diverse audience and get their critique and compliment.

2. Check out the winning methods of GEFCom2017

Selected GEFCom2017 teams will be presenting their methodologies at ISEA2017. You will witness the recognition of GEFCom2017 winners and have the face-to-face discussion with them. Rather than reading thousands of energy forecasting papers published every year and wondering which ones work well, you can grasp the secret sauce of the most effective methods during ISEA2017.

3. Experience a novel peer review process 

Whether we like today's peer review system or not, we have to live with it, at least for the next few years before a better one is in place. We have tied ISEA2017 to an IJF special section on energy forecasting, where we try to implement a new peer review process. The ISEA2017 attendees will have the opportunity to experience this new process and help improve it.

4. Peek and shape the future of energy analytics 

If you are struggling with the topic for your next paper, ISEA2017 is a must-attend conference for you. We will discuss the emerging topics as well as the research agenda for the future. Rather than guessing where the future goes, you can contribute to the plan!

5. Attend International Symposium on Forecasting

The 37th International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) will be held two days after ISEA2017, right at the same location. ISF is the only major scientific forecasting conference I know of. I find it very rewarding to attend ISF, where I hear forecasting topics from various industries, as well as the methodological breakthroughs in general. Many of them could be applied to the energy forecasting problems. Extending the trip to include ISF in your travel plan would be a wise choice.

6. Two world heritage sites in one place

The World Heritage Centre has a list of about 1000 world heritage sites around the globe. Two of them (Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest) are in Cairns, Australia, making Cairns the only place in this planet with two world heritage sites side by side. ISF organizers have planned the social program including numerous social events and tour opportunities for delegates, their friends and family.

7. Low registration fees

Our sponsors, the International Institute of Forecasters, Tangent Works and Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, have generously contributed to the organization of ISEA2017, helping significantly subsidize the registration fees. If you attend both ISEA and ISF, there is an additional discount. To register both ISEA and ISF, click HERE. To register ISEA only, click HERE.

ISEA2017 will be held in Cairns, Australia, June 22-23, 2017. Look forward to seeing you there!

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