Friday, February 6, 2015

NPower Forecasting Challenge 2015

Apparently after two big runs of the Global Energy Forecasting Competitions, power companies are getting more interested than before in taking the competition approach to making their business decisions. I'm very glad to see things going toward this direction. As I said in Three Worst Marketing Buzzwords for Forecasting Solutions about forecasting accuracy,
Before doing a pilot, nobody can claim the superior accuracy. Even after the pilot, we cannot guarantee the consistent superiority in the future. Nevertheless, a well-designed pilot can offer customers a comprehensive view of the performance of competing solutions.
This time it's about hiring summer interns. The message below is from NPower:
We have a launched a forecasting challenge to help attract students to our graduate programme, however we are also excepting entries from others - who just want to test themselves on some real industry data, they won't be eligible for the cash prize but will be able to see their performance on the leaderboard.
From the T&C's:
"Please note this competition is for University students only (see terms & conditions). However if you would still be interested in attempting the challenge please email You will not be eligible for the prize but your forecast will be scored and appear in our rankings."
Here is the landing page and also a blog entry on the R site - entries close on Feb 13 with the competition kicking off on Feb 16.
BTW, I did not participate in the design or operations of this challenge, so send all your questions to Npower. 

Have fun!

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