Saturday, April 5, 2014

Job Opening at Seminole Electric: Manager of Forecasting / Member Services Analytics

I'm posting a job for my friend at Seminole Electric. For any additional details about applying for this job opportunity, please contact Shane Huffman (, 813.739.1315). Additional information is also posted at Seminole Electric's corporate website located at:

One comment I'd like to add is that Seminole Electric is running SAS Energy Forecasting, a state-of-the-art energy forecasting software package, which was known as "Tao in the box" before its official launch last year. Being on this position, you won't have complains about outdated technologies as many other forecasting managers and analysts do.

Job Title: Manager of Forecasting / Member Services Analytics

Location: Tampa, Florida

Position Summary:

Responsible for the Load Forecasting function. Ensures forecasts of the cooperatives future power supply needs provide a sound basis for rate making and planning activities, and are developed in a manner consistent with Rural Utilities Service (RUS), Public Service Commission (PSC) and National Energy Regulatory Commission (NERC) guidelines and regulations. Communicates with Seminole executive staff of trends in the national and Florida economy that affects electricity and the Cooperative’s planning, budget, finance and power supply needs. Oversees and provides analytical support for the Energy Efficiency Working Group (EEWG) function. Monitors current programs and facilitates the coordinated evaluation and implementation of potential energy conservation and demand side management efforts for the Member Cooperatives through the EEWG.

Minimum Requirements:


  • Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Business, Engineering, or Finance. Advanced degree in Economics or Business desirable.


  • Requires eight (8) years of related experience. six (6) of which should be in economic forecast modeling. Two (2) years of supervisory experience required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Must have a working knowledge of factors affecting economy, in general, and the utility business, in particular. 
  • Must be thoroughly familiar with current economic forecasting and planning techniques. 
  • Must be familiar also with computer data manipulation and analytical principles. 
  • Must be able to effectively communicate information covering functional areas of responsibility to Cooperative management, Board of Trustees, representatives of Members and regulatory agencies. 
  • Must have a working knowledge of Federal and State laws, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to the areas of responsibility. 
  • Must possess a  working knowledge of the SAS Enterprise Guide software. 
  • Knowledgeable of SAS Forecasting software desirable. 
  • Must be able to prepare and manage departmental budget.

Working Conditions

  • Normal office working conditions. 
  • Occasional travel and overtime work outside normal hours required in the performance of work responsibilities and representation of the Cooperative.

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