Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Job Opening at ERCOT: Planning Analyst

I'm posting a job for my friend at ERCOT. The position‘s grade level will be based on a person’s experience. They can hire a recent graduate or someone with more experience. No visa sponsorship is available for this position.  If interested, please go to


Job Responsibilities

  • Provides technical expertise to ISO and Load Forecasting.  Supports the development of load forecasting methodologies and training.  Assists in the formulating of ISO load policy issues.
  • Reviews and analyzes historical events for gathering data from independent sources to develop and utilize statistical models.
  • Creates estimates for the ERCOT Control Area annual energy and monthly peak models.that involves economic forecasts, historical database updates and maintenance.
  • Assists in developing the ERCOT, state, and sub area energy and peak forecasts.  
  • Develops and enhances energy efficiency models, demand response models, and other energy models (plug in electric vehicles, distributive generation models) and incorporates their impacts to the monthly demand and energy forecast.


Job Requirements

  • Experience in utility load forecasting or equivalent processes.
  • Experience applying statistical methods computer applications (SAS, Excel, SQL) and tools in forecasting and analysis.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Statistics or Mathematics, Engineering or related field

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