Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Energy Forecasting Jobs During COVID-19

This blog has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times by tens of thousands of energy forecasters worldwide have been visiting this blog. Several years ago, I used to post jobs on weekly basis. Then I stopped doing that to avoid primary contents being buried by job posts. 

I changed my mind because of COVID-19.

Many companies have hiring freeze, while many are still searching for people to fill in the vacancies. 

Many students and job seekers are desperate and panic in the job market. 

As a forecaster, I have zero interest forecasting when this chaos would end. As an energy forecaster, maybe I can help other energy forecasters and energy companies during COVID-19.

This is what I'm going to do for the next few months...

To hiring companies/managers:
  • Send me an email with the link to your job description, as well as job location, restrictions about visa status / green card / citizenship, and other important details you think applicants should know. 
  • Leave your contact information if you want. 
  • If you haven't followed me on LinkedIn, do that now. 
I'll post the links on the JOBS page of this blog. Sometimes, I will also select some jobs to broadcast through my LinkedIn profiles, which are followed by thousands of energy forecasters. 

To job seekers:
  • Check this blog frequently. 
  • Apply to the jobs you are qualified for and interested in. 
  • Leave your name under my LinkedIn post.
  • If you haven't followed me on LinkedIn, do that now. 
If you think you are a superstar in the job market, you can send me more details about your experience. I may broadcast your profile through my LinkedIn profile as well. 

Hope we all work together to fight through this unprecedented period!

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