Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Consulting, Research and Teaching in Energy Forecasting

In one week, Jun 30, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time, to be exact, I am going to give a talk at the IIF Early Career Researchers Network (ECR) virtual meeting. The registration link is HERE. You will need to have ZOOM on your PC or mobile device to join the meeting. 

Consulting, research and teaching in energy forecasting

Dr. Tao Hong will discuss the transition from a graduate student, to an industry professional, and then to a university professor. He will discuss how he balances the activities to strengthen his research program while helping students, industry organizations, and local communities.

About Dr. Tao Hong

Dr. Tao Hong is an Associate Professor of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Department, Director of BigDEAL (Big Data Energy Analytics Laboratory), and NCEMC Faculty Fellow of Energy Analytics at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In 2011, Dr. Hong started IEEE Working Group on Energy Forecasting as the Founding Chair and chaired the group until 2019. He is a Director at Large of International Institute of Forecasters, Founding Chair of IIF Section on Water, Energy and EnvironmenT (SWEET), General Chair of Global Energy Forecasting Competition, and author of this blog Energy Forecasting. Dr. Hong has been serving as department editor, editor and associate editor of several top journals, such as IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, International Journal of Forecasting, and Solar Energy. Dr. Hong has provided training and consulting services to over 200 organizations worldwide in the area of energy forecasting and analytics.

Beyond his 24 x 7 working hours, Dr Hong is a volunteer coach of the Math Olympiad team of my neighborhood school. He started the Charlotte Math Meetup during the COVID-19 quarantine to help local kids and their friends with math. He enjoys basketball and jump rope. He was a silver medalist at the 2019 USA Jump Rope National Competition.

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