Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Leaderboard for BFCom2018 Final Match!!!

The final match of the BigDEAL Forecasting Competition 2018 was on probability daily peak hour forecasting, a very important problem in today's electricity market but new to the academic literature. Even without any monetary prize, all 16 finalists from 5 countries submitted their forecasts. (See the qualifying match leaderboad HERE.)

The figure below shows the leaderboard for BFCom2018 Qualifying Match. The green highlighted ones are in-class students. I also created a naive forecast, which is highlighted in red. 

BigDEAL Forecasting Competition 2018 Final Match Leaderboard

One of my students Zehan Xu, who was auditing the class but got disqualified in the qualifying match, also worked on the final problem and submitted his forecast on time. I included his score on the leaderboard, but marked his ranking as "BR-6", which means bragging right for ranking #6. His ranking does not affect the rankings of the other teams. 

Congratulations to all the BFCom2018 finalists for completing this competition! 

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