Monday, February 6, 2017

Mark Your 2017 Calendar: Tao's Recommended Conferences for Energy Forecasters

I didn't realize the overdue of this post until I just hit the road for my first trip of 2017. Here is the 2017 list of my recommended conferences for energy forecasters:

1. International Symposium on Energy Analytics (ISEA2017, Cairns, Australia, June 22-23, 2017)

Even if you missed all the other events down this list, you can still find the year rewarding by attending ISEA2017, the first-ever gathering of world-wide energy forecasters. Our generous sponsors, the International Institute of Forecasters (Super Sponsor), Tangent Works (Gigawatt Sponsor) and the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute (Kilowatt Sponsor), have helped bring the registration fees down. There are many reasons to join the party. You will meet the winners of GEFCom2017. You will hear the presentations from world-class energy forecasting researchers and practitioners. You will network with energy forecasting colleagues from more than a dozen countries. And of course, you will enjoy two World Heritage sites side-by-side.

2. Tao's courses

The next two SAS courses on load forecasting have been scheduled in Charlotte, March 27-29.

In addition, I'm going to teach these three courses through EUCI:

Stay tuned with the training page of Hong Analytics for the recent updates of all training courses.

3. Conferences from other professional organizations

I will attend the following three, as always:

Look forward to seeing you in these fantastic events!

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