Saturday, July 30, 2016

Southwest Forecasting and Customer Analytics Forum 2016

Southwest Forecasting and Customer Analytics Forum 

Hosted By Tucson Electric Power, September 15-16, 2016

Tucson Electric Power is pleased to host the Southwest Forecasting and Customer Analytics Conference for the utility industry at its downtown Tucson headquarters.  Topics and events covered in the program:
  • Perspective on Using Forecasts by David G. Hutchens, President and CEO, TEP and its parent company, UNS Energy Corporation
  • The Evolving Regulated Utility Industry – Prof. Stanley Reynolds, University of Arizona
  • Energy Forecasting: Past, Present, and Future – Prof. Tao Hong, UNC at Charlotte
  • How Will Battery Storage Deployment Affect Load Forecasting? – Jason Burwen, ESA
  • Impact and Value of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Load & Managed Charging – R. Graham, U.S. Energy Department and Dr. Hongyan Sheng, Southern California Edison
  • Location-Specific Probabilistic Forecasting and Planning Methods – Josh Bode, Nexant
  • Home Appliances: Historical Declines in Energy Use, Future Potential Savings, and an Update on Efficiency Standards – Joanna Mauer, Appliance Standards Awareness Project
  • Likelihood of Customer Participation in Utility Programs – Dr. Erin Boyd, Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Networking Dinner
The only cost of this program is your own travel to Tucson, Arizona and the cost of dinner.  For details, see the program HERE.

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