Saturday, September 19, 2015

BigDEAL Recruitment Process

I came back to academia to produce the finest data scientists for the energy industry. Over the past two years, I have established the factory, BigDEAL, offering golden opportunities for students to conduct cutting edge research through solving real world problems. As BigDEAL is getting increasingly recognized by the industry and academia, I'm receiving more and more requests from both sides too. While the employers are anxious to hire my students, many prospective students are eager to join BigDEAL.

There is no way for me to respond to every applicant. Here I'm sharing the BigDEAL recruitment process, so that the applicants can prepare accordingly.
  1. When an application reaches my inbox, I take a brief look to see if the person has followed the instructions. If so, and if the background seems to be relevant, I would forward the email to the lab manager of BigDEAL, typically a senior PhD student. 
  2. The lab manager will conduct the first round of interview. If s/he believes the person may be a good match, s/he will forward the application to several other lab members for the second round interview. After the second round interview, all interviewers will get together to give me their feedback. 
  3. If the feedback is overall positive, I will conduct the last round interview. The applicants who pass the final round of interview will be offered a position at the BigDEAL.
With the strong support from the industry, I have never had a budget constraint when making hiring decisions. Nevertheless, I do recognize that the quality of the raw materials plays an important role of driving the quality of the end product. Therefore, I have decided to maintain the highly selective recruitment process. So far, we have been hiring no more than one student each semester.

If you are interested in joining BigDEAL, I would strongly suggest that you read the blog posts for prospective students before contacting me. Best luck with your application!

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