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Call For Papers: Big Data Analytics for Grid Modernization | IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid

IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid

Special Issue on Big Data Analytics for Grid Modernization

Advanced analytics is playing a vital role in the age of big data, such as managing smart cities, predicting crime activities, optimizing medicine formula based on genetic defects, detecting financial frauds, and personalizing marketing campaigns. Many industries are taking advantage of the big data after years of research and development. With the increasing deployment of new metering and monitoring devices such as phasor measurement units (PMUs) and smart meters, the electric utilities are collecting a large variety of data at an unprecedented granularity and volume.  So the optimal management and utilization large amounts of collected data become a huge challenge in utilities’ operations and planning. This special issue aims to publish original research papers and visionary reviews on the technologies, algorithms and case studies associated with big data analytics for smart grid applications and modernizing the electric power grid.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
  • Smart grid data compression, detection, fusion, storage and information management
  • Cloud computing for smart cities
  • Social media data integration for utility applications
  • Real-time cross-domain data visualization 
  • Data management for advanced metering infrastructure
  • Data-driven, physics-based and multi-scale modeling of smart grid
  • High-performance (data-enabled) algorithms for operations of data centers and energy hubs
  • PMU-based operation of microgrids
  • Data-driven dynamic pricing and incentive designs 
  • Data driven renewable energy integration in energy hubs
  • Surveillance, compliance and transparency for distribution system operators (DSO) 
  • Data-driven approaches to power grid resilience
  • Large-scale event-based energy forecasting
  • Fraud detection in smart meter data
  • Predictive data-based smart grid asset management
  • Model-based customer analytics and demand side management
  • Data-based distribution system restoration
  • Wide-area monitoring and visualization for smart transmission system 
This special issue solicits original work that is not under consideration for publication in other venues. Four-page short papers are required for the first round of reviews. Authors of selected short papers will be invited to submit full papers in the second round. Authors should refer to for information about content and formatting of submissions. Please submit a PDF version of the short paper, including a cover letter with authors’ contact information via e-mail to before the deadline.

Important Dates
Feb 28th, 2015 Deadline for submission of short papers
Mar 30th, 2015 Completion of first-round of reviews
Aug 31st, 2015 Deadline for submission of full papers
Mar 31st, 2016 Notification of final decisions
Apr 15th, 2016 Publication materials are due

Guest Editorial Board
Dr. Tao Hong (Guest Editor in Chief), University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA, Email:
Dr. Chen Chen, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Dr. Jianwei Huang, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Dr. Ning Lu, North Carolina State University, USA
Dr. Le Xie, Texas A&M University, USA
Dr. Hamidreza Zareipour, University of Calgary, Canada

Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
Dr. Jianhui Wang, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.A.


  1. The 4-page short paper does NOT have to be in the double-column IEEE format. We would like to see more than a 2-page extended abstract to tell 1) whether the topic fits this special issue; and 2) whether the authors are able to deliver by the full paper submission deadline.

  2. I have sent an email to the corresponding authors to acknowledge the recipient of the short papers. We expect to send out the first round decisions during the week of April 6, 2015.

  3. I've received numerous requests about deadline extension. While the guest editorial board is processing the on-time short paper submissions, we would like to accommodate additional high quality papers by extending the first round submission deadline to March 31. Authors who are interested in contributing to this special issue should submit 4-page short papers in IEEE format to me (hongtao01 AT gmail DOT com) with a cover letter.

  4. First-round decisions have been sent out by now. For the authors who received the invitations to submit the full papers, please list two to three preferred reviewers (full name, email and affiliation) in your cover letter. I will ask the guest editors to consider your preferred reviewers. Meanwhile, you will be invited to review other authors' work. Please make sure that you submit the review on time. Your delaying review report may result in delayed handling of your own paper. If your paper failed to go through the review process by our publication deadline, we will drop it out of this special issue.

  5. We have been invited to submit the full paper. What is maximum number of pages allowed? Our article seems a little longer like around 11 to 12 pages.

  6. 8-page is the upper limit for the first round review. You may go longer after the first round.

  7. The TSG paper submission site for this special section is open.


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