Monday, October 20, 2014

BigDEAL Students Winning Poster Contest of Analytics2014

I'm fortunate to be the father of two adorable kids, Leo and Angela. I remember their first cry, first smile, first "ba-ba" (means Daddy in Chinese) and first crawl. Since my wife has told me many times "no more kids", I guess I have to live with only two kids.

Last month, my first PhD student, Bidong Liu, forwarded me an email from the conference chair of Analytics2014, saying that his poster had won the poster contest of Analytics2014. As a winner, Bidong was invited to Las Vegas to present the work "how does temperature affect electricity demand" with the trip covered by the conference. To make the deal even sweeter, I also sent him to the post conference training "Forecasting Using SAS Software: a Programming Approach" taught by Dr. David Dickey.

Bidong Liu @Analytics2014
While Bidong is the lucky guy getting the treat, the poster is the result of teamwork of several engineering students. The second author is Jiali Liu, another BigDEAL student. She is getting her Master of Science degree in Engineering Management next semester. Her thesis topic is on combining load forecasts. If you are trying to fill your analyst position(s), I highly recommend that you check out her profile.

Now I realize that I have more than two kids: the BigDEAL students are bringing me the joyful moments too, after they have survived through all the tough days under my supervision of course.

Thank you BigDEAL students, and congratulations Bidong!

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