Friday, February 14, 2014

Announcing Institute Prize for Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2014

To encourage students and faculty participation, we will recognize up to three academic institutes for the excellent performance in the Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2014 (GEFCom2014).

Each individual team that beats the benchmark and ranks top 8 of a track will receive 10 - r points, where r is the ranking of the team. The institute score is the sum of points from all teams associated with the institute. The top three institutes will be recognized with award plaques. The one with the highest score will be awarded the institute price of $500 for the best institute performance. The primary faculty overseeing the participating teams will claim the prize and/or recognition on behalf of a winning institute.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • A team participating and ranking top 8 in multiple tracks will receive the points equal to the sum of points from each track.
  • A winning institute has to have at least two teams beating the benchmark(s) and at least one top 8 team. 
  • The primary faculty should register all team members prior to the registration deadline. 
  • If two institutes receive the same scores, the one with more top 8 teams will have a higher ranking. The priority then goes to the one with more teams beating the benchmark(s).
  • If no institute fulfills the above requirements, GEFCom2014 will not award the institute prize. 
  • The GEFCom2014 executive committee reserve the rights to interpret and revise the competition rules and other related information.

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