Friday, November 1, 2013

Publication Sponsors Announced for Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2014

The success of the Global Energy Forecasting Competition has been broadcasted by major media outlets, such as Yahoo Finance, CNBC, and IEEE PES. Last year, we were very fortunate to have International Journal of Forecasting (IJF) and IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid as our publication sponsors, which greatly contribute to the success. The papers discussing the winning methods used in GEFCom2012 are now on the journals' websites. The complete set of competition data is published with the introduction paper "Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2012",
I'm pleased to announce that we have two prestigious journals sponsoring our next competition GEFCom2014: International Journal of Forecasting and Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting (Foresight). A special issue of IJF will be dedicated to Probabilistic Energy Forecasting (Call For Papers: Probabilistic Energy Forecasting), which will archive the papers from the winning teams of GEFCom2014.
If you are interested in GEFCom2014, please join the interest list HERE.

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