Sunday, September 10, 2017

TAO: The Analytics Officer

Today is the 7-year mark after my PhD defense. It happens to be the "Teachers' Day" in China, a holiday dedicated to the teachers. I just created a new label "9/10" to collect the posts published on this same date.

I'd like to announce a new blog on this special day, TAO: The Analytics Officer, a blog of data science for the current and future Chief Analytics Officers.

As you, my audience of this blog, are following me, I am following you too. I'm very happy to see that many of you have been promoted one or more times during the past five years. I'm sure that some of you are trying to get that promotion or climb up the career ladder. I started TAO to give you a hand by sharing some of my successful experience in helping others.

Comparing with this blog Energy Forecasting, TAO is different from the following three aspects:
  • The target audience of TAO are "the current and future Chief Analytics Officers". It will not be an academic or research-oriented blog. Instead, it will be crafted for industry professionals and the students who are going to the industry. 
  • The content of TAO is not specific to the energy industry. I'm mostly known for my energy forecasting work, because that's where my papers were published. Nevertheless, I have done a lot of analytical projects in other industries, such as retail, healthcare, sports, and financial services. TAO will attract people from various industries too. 
  • TAO will go beyond forecasting. Although I'm mostly known for forecasting, I did earn a PhD in Operations Research, where I had 10 times more coursework in optimization than statistics and forecasting. In TAO, I will include a significant amount of optimization (prescriptive analytics) in the blog posts.  

Here is the "About" of TAO:
From $1,350/month to $800/hour, I did it in 12 years.
I was torturing the data before people called it "big data". I was specialized in operations research and working on forecasting and optimization projects before people started to define and promote "analytics". I was building multi-layer fully-connected recurrent neural networks before "deep learning" became a buzzword.
I don't recall when my profession got its new name "data science". All of a sudden, the folks in my circle are either working on "big data analytics", or are trying to become "data scientists".
As a professor, I find my passion in mentoring students and helping them land the dream jobs. As a consultant, I enjoy making my clients look better and get promoted. To replicate the success to a broader audience, I created this blog, with the hope that more people can join this profession, unlock the power of data for their organizations, and rise to the top of the org chart.
Best luck with your data science journey!
The URL for TAO is

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