Monday, March 6, 2017

Leaderboard for GEFCom2017 Qualifying Match!!!

[Update 5/18/2017]: ISO NE just released the April load data two days ago. Jingrui and I have updated the leaderboard for the qualifying match. Please check the rankings and let us know by 5/26/2017 if there is any issue.

The six rounds of GEFCom2017 qualifying match just ended last week. I'm sure that the contestants are anxiously waiting for the leaderboard. Here is a brief report. I'll update this post as ISO New England releases its recent load data.

Out of 177 registered teams, 73 have submitted entries to the defined track, and 26 to the open track. After six rounds, 53 teams completed the defined track with at least 4 submissions, while 20 completed the open track. 

The due date of report and code is on March 10th, 2017. Please send them to Follow the same protocol as the forecast submissions. Please follow THIS GUIDE to prepare the report.

Jingrui Xie created two benchmarks:
  • Vanilla Benchmark, which has been used to calculate the scores of the teams in each round. See Q7 of THIS FAQ for more information.
  • Rain Benchmark, which will be used to select the teams being advanced to the final match.  
(As an organizer of GEFCom2017, Jingrui Xie is not eligible for the prize.)

The spreadsheet with detailed scores can be accessed HERE. The higher the score is, the higher the rank is. 

Stay tuned :)

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