Monday, September 19, 2016

Announcing GEFCom2017: Join the Interest List

I'm sure readers of this blog are anxious for the next Global Energy Forecasting Competition. Today I'm pleased to announce the GEFCom2017, an upgraded version over GEFCom2012 and GEFCom2014.

To bring together contestants with diverse background and to dive deep into the challenging problems, GEFCom2017 will feature a bi-level setup: a three-month qualifying match and a one-month final match. The qualifying match means to attract and educate a large number of contestants with diverse background. The final match will be open to the top entries from the qualifying match, tackling a more challenging, larger scale problem.

Many contestants who joined GEFCom2012 also participated in GEFCom2014. To encourage the continuous investments in energy forecasting and recognize those who excel in these competitions, we will start building the World Energy Forecaster Rankings.

We will release the competition problems and the formal registration on 10/14/2016. Please join the interest list HERE to get timely updates about GEFCom2017.

Stay tuned!

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