Thursday, April 14, 2016

IJF Special Section on Probabilistic Energy Forecasting: GEFCom2014 Papers and More

As of this week, 21 of the 22 papers for the IJF Special Section on Probabilistic Energy Forecasting are on ScienceDirect (link to the CFP). Many thanks to the GEFCom2014 organizers, participants, and the expert reviewers, whose time and effort warranted an exceptionally high quality collection of energy forecasting papers. Although these papers are not yet pagerized, I can't wait to compile and post this list.

Editorial and GEFCom2014 Introduction Article

Review Article

Research Articles (Non-GEFCom2014)

Research Articles (GEFCom2014)
Enjoy reading and stay tuned for the next GEFCom!

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