Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Call for Nominations: IEEE PSPI Prize Paper Award

IEEE Power Systems Planning and Implementation Committee (PSPI) is calling for nominations for various awards. I am serving as the coordinator for the IEEE Working Group on Energy Forecasting to turn in the nominations. Here I would like to encourage you to nominate some energy forecasting papers for the PSPI Prize Paper Award.

Here are the criteria for the nominated papers:
  • High-quality standard. 
  • A journal paper in the energy forecasting area (see the scope HERE).
  • Published in an IEEE PES journal (PETSJ, TEC, TPWRD, TPWRS, TSG and TSTE) or magazine (Power and Energy Magazine). 
  • Published within previous three years. 
Some sample benchmarks for a prize paper:
  • A paper focusing on both issues and methods should be superior to a paper focusing on algorithm only.
  • A paper focusing on both theoretical method and practical solution should be superior to a paper focusing ononly theoretical method or only practical solution.
  • A paper with an actual example of utility system should be superior to a paper with a hypothetical example or test system. 
  • A paper focusing on a new idea or resolving a new issue should be superior to a paper focusing on improvement of an existing method or problem.
If you would like to make a nomination, please email me the following info by Nov 4, 2015:
  • Names of Authors:
  • Institutions/Addresses/emails:
  • Title of Paper:
  • Publication Data (Vol., Page, Date):
  • Most Significant Contribution(s) of Paper:
  • Nominator’s name (also indicating WG if nominated by a WG):
  • Email of nominator:
Look forward to your nominations!

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