Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Job Opening at NCEMC: Load Research Analyst

Posting a job for my friend at NCEMC. Its forecasting team has been at the leading edge of the load forecasting research and practice. Over the past several years, we have worked together to develop several load forecasting methodologies that are very useful in practice. Most of them are now being used by many other power companies worldwide. You may check out our recent papers on long term probabilistic load forecasting and normalization, weather station selection, and residual simulation for probabilistic load forecasting. We have also planned many exciting research activities for the next few years, of which some are listed in the job description below. I would like to add one more personal note about this job: I think the hiring manager is another reason that this position is so appealing. I haven't seen many managers who are as generous and supportive as this one in terms of professional development for the employees. If you are interested, please submit your resume online HERE.

Job Opening at NCEMC: Load Research Analyst

North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation, one of the largest generation and transmission cooperatives in the country, seeks a Load Research Analyst for its TSE Services Division.

The successful applicant will join a load forecasting team that is empowered with the latest technologies and cutting edge methods for both short- and long-term demand modelling.

Activities will also include measurement and verification of demand-response programs and the development of small area real-time forecasts for Distribution Systems Operations.

The position requires advanced knowledge of applied statistics, microeconomics, econometrics, time-series methods, statistical analysis of large data sets and load research methods.

A Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, economics, statistics, meteorology or equivalent is required and an advanced degree is preferred.

A minimum of five years professional experience in utility load forecasting or a related field and experience with forecasting tools from SAS is desired.

Applicants should submit their resume at http://ncemcs.com/about/employment.htm.

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