Monday, June 15, 2015

Energy Forecasting Talks at ISF2015

It's only one week toward the International Symposium on Forecasting 2015. I took a brief look at the program and found 5 sessions including 14 talks on energy forecasting. The at-a-glance program schedule is available HERE.

Monday June 22

9:45-11:00am  Probabilistic energy forecasting  (MR2)
Session Chair: Jooyoung Jeon
  1. A Markov-switching Vector Autoregressive Stochastic Wind Generator For Multiple Spatial And Temporal Scales - Amanda Hering; Karen Kazor; William Kleiber
  2. Probabilistic Spatio-temporal Renewable Energy Forecasting - Emil Banning Iversen; Pierre Pinson; Juan Miguel Morales; Jan Kloppenborg Møller; Henrik Madsen
  3. Short-term Density Forecasting Of Wave Energy Using Arma-garch Models And Kernel Density Estimation - Jooyoung Jeon; James W. Taylor
11:15am-12:30pm  Energy Forecasting 1  (MR2)
Session Chair: Xavier Brossat
  1. Forecasting The Impact Of Renewable Energies In The Competition With Non-renewable Sources - Claudia Furlan; Cinzia Mortarino
  2. Using Surrogate Data To Mitigate The Risks Of Natural Gas Forecasting On Unusual Days - Paul E. Kaefer; Babatunde Ishola; Ronald H. Brown; George F. Corliss
  3. Multi-step Estimator For Covariates Selection In Additive Model For Forecasting Portfolio Of "electricité De France " Customers - Xavier Brossat; Anestis Antoniadis; Jean-Michel Poggi; Yannig Goude; Vincent Thouvenot

Tuesday June 23

11:15am-12:30pm  Frontiers in Electricity Demand Forecasting 1  (MR2)
Session Chair: Tao Hong
  1. MEFM: An R Package For Long-term Probabilistic Forecasting Of Electricity Demand - Rob Hyndman; Shu Fan
  2. Combining Sister Load Forecasts - Tao Hong; Bidong Liu; Jiali Liu
  3. SAS Energy Forecasting: Hourly Load Forecasting For All Horizons - Bradley Lawson

Wednesday June 24

9:45-11:00am  Frontiers in Electricity Demand Forecasting 2  (MR2)
Session Chair: Tao Hong
  1. The Myths Of Residual Simulation For Probabilistic Load Forecasting - Jingrui Xie; Tao Hong; Tom Laing; Chongqing Kang
  2. Quantile Regression Algorithms For Forecasting Uncertainty In Electricity Smart Meters Data - Souhaib Ben Taieb; Rob J. Hyndman; Marc G. Genton
  3. Electricity Demand Interval Forecasting With Quantile Regression Averaging - Jakub Nowotarski; Bidong Liu; Tao Hong; Rafał Weron
11:15am-12:30pm  Energy Forecasting 2  (MR2)
Session Chair: Reinaldo Souza
  1. Treating The Electricity Demand For Power Dispatch In A Sthocastic Manner: A Study Case Of Brazil - Reinaldo Castro Souza; Gheisa Roberta Telles Esteves; Fernando Luiz Cyrino Oliveira; Bruno Bastas; Paula Maçaira
  2. Modelling Peak Electricity Demand Using Extreme Value Theory With Time Varying Parameters: An Application To South African Data - Caston Sigauke


  1. Dr.Tao, do you think the PDFs for these speeches are going to be available?

  2. I think so, through IIF website after the conference.


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