Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hong Analytics LLC

I started my career as a consultant when I was pursuing my first MS degree. Then I developed my MS thesis and PhD dissertation, each from a consulting project. Both of them were later commercialized and now being used by many utilities worldwide. Most of my research ideas were inspired by the consulting projects through working closely with the utility analysts, managers and executives. After testing and validating these research ideas through several field implementations, I converted them to teaching materials for my courses. These courses fully packed with solid fundamental knowledge, best industry practices, advanced topics and a wide range of case studies have been very well received by the industry (see what the clients are saying), generating even more consulting business.

As mentioned in why I left a great place to work - from industry to academia, majority of my academic job is made of consulting, teaching and research. Going through such a cycle has been quite rewarding for both my clients and myself. Nevertheless, some of my clients are still complaining about the lengthy and verbose contracting process. To make the cycle even more enjoyable and productive, I decided to incorporate Hong Analytics LLC to formally house my consulting practices outside the university.

Hong Analytics provides premium training and consulting services in the area of energy and retail analytics. While being a full-time professor, I can allocate up to one day per week of my time to Hong Analytics. I would like to take on those projects that are relatively small in scale (i.e., less than $100k) and relatively short in performance period (i.e., less than 6 months). While I'm happy to help with conventional short and long term load forecasting projects, I would give preference to the projects that are challenging and requiring heavy-duty analytics. Since revenue is not the a KPI of my business, I am also willing to provide the services free of charge for those projects with high value to the industry.

For more information, please visit www.honganalytics.com.

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