Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Job Opening at SCE: Data Science Analyst

Posting a job for my friends at SCE. If interested, please visit and click on Southern California Edison to apply and submit your resume.

Data Science Analyst (Job # 71010850)


This position will be in the Portfolio Planning and Analysis department within Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Power Supply Organizational unit. The successful candidate will work in the Short Term Demand Forecasting (STDF) Group within the Portfolio Planning and Analysis Department by leading the projects to access and analyze new sources of customer demand and electric grid data and help improve the group’s capabilities to forecast electricity demand, renewable generation, and demand response up 90 days ahead.  The major responsibilities of the STDF group include forecasting weather, electricity demand, renewable generation, and demand response program performance. The forecasts are used for wholesale procurement of electricity for SCE customers and optimal scheduling of renewable and demand response resources in the California energy markets. The group works closely with price forecasting, planning, trading, and operations teams within Power Supply, the customer service departments responsible for SCE’s demand response programs, and grid operations and business resiliency teams.

Typical responsibilities include:

Lead big data analytics projects such as: acquire access to, validate, and analyze electricity usage data at customer meters and various levels of distribution and transmission network, identify behind-the-meter renewable generation resources and electric vehicle charging patterns, centralize weather data across the company for the use in situational awareness and business resiliency tools, and other similar projects.
Help improve existing electricity demand, renewable generation, and demand response program forecasting models and/or develop new ones using a SAS-based Energy Forecasting Platform and other analytical tools as needed.
Provide statistical expertise to Portfolio Planning and Analysis Department and other organizations around SCE on cross-functional analytical projects such as prediction of grid outages and crew requirements due to extreme weather impacts.
Support operational activities of the team when needed including execute day-ahead and extended-day-ahead forecasts, provide hour-ahead updates, and prepare seasonal forecasts.
Maintain a safety conscious work environment by following Edison safety protocols and safe work practices.
Perform other responsibilities and duties as assigned.


Must have experience with statistical, econometric or financial modeling.
Bachelor’s Degree Statistics, Data Science, Economics, Finance, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or in a similar quantitative area.
Typically possesses six or more years of quantitative analysis experience.
Demonstrated experience developing, maintaining, and/or utilizing regression, time-series, neural network, and machine learning models.
Demonstrated experience gathering data from different sources and formats (MS Excel, Access, Oracle, SQL, XML, etc.) and compiling it for the ease of analysis
Demonstrated experience working with energy markets.
Demonstrated experience forecasting, planning, and analyzing market trends.
Demonstrated experience preparing findings and presenting complex technical information to technical and nontechnical audiences.
Demonstrated ability to interface effectively and collaborate with peers, clients, management, and other organizations.
Demonstrated ability to work under pressure, adjust to changing priorities, and pay attention to details.
Demonstrated ability to take initiative and accountability for the accuracy of information and for achieving results.
Demonstrated experience using Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.
Demonstrated ability to follow Edison safety protocols and safe work practices.


Graduate Degree in Statistics, Data Science, Economics, Finance, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related technical degree.
Experience working with big data tools and data storage such as SAP HANA, Hadoop, Teradata, etc.
Experience using SAS tools for statistical analysis and forecasting.
Experience forecasting electricity demand, renewable generation, and/or demand response program performance in California and the Western United States.

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