Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Advice to Prospective Graduate Students

If you are looking for opportunities in my research group, here is my advice:

1. Make sure you are really interested in my research group.

This includes two aspects: you are interested in what I'm doing, AND you are interested in having ME as your supervisor. I put a lot of information on my website, where you can find out my research interest, recent papers and personality. I've been having a hard time dealing with people that are dishonest, lazy and irresponsive. If you happen to fall into one of these three categories, you do not belong to my group.

2. Apply for a graduate program I'm associated with.

I'm associated with three graduate programs at UNC Charlotte: PhD Program in Infrastructure and Environmental Systems, PhD program in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Master Program in Engineering Management. To join my research group, you have to get an admission from one of these three programs.

3. Convince me to offer you a position.

The research field I'm in requires a student to gain knowledge from interdisciplinary areas, such as operations research, statistics, economics, electrical engineering, and meteorological science. In terms of programming skills, you will at least need to know SAS, R or Matlab. The stronger background you have in one or more of these fields, the more likely I will offer you a position. Please follow the instructions in I'm Hiring: Research Assistantships Available when sending me emails.

4. Keep me posted about your progress.

Please keep me posted about the major milestones during your application. Meanwhile, keep sharpening your skills to prepare for the new journey.

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