Monday, September 30, 2013

Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2012: Lessons Learned and Beyond

In 2012, IEEE Working Group on Energy Forecasting organized the Global Energy Forecasting Competition (GEFCom2012). The competition, which included two tracks, Hierarchical Load Forecasting and Wind Power Forecasting, attracted thousands of data scientists from over 30 countries (see the map below). The 8 winning teams were formulated by people from 8 countries. The competition brought together many novel ideas that are meaningful to the improvement of the forecasting practices in the utility industry. In this webinar, I will present the lessons learned from GEFCom2012, which include several key findings and insights based on the approaches taken by the winning entries of both tracks. In addition, I will offer a preview of the future upgrades in GEFCom2014.
If you are interested, please go to the webinar page to register. The presentation slides are available through the webinar page as well.
Please notice that this webinar is co-sponsored by SAS Utilities User Group. Therefore, it will be the only webinar on my webinar series so far with the audio recording available.


  1. Hi,
    I am a student trying to explore more about on this project. Looks like webinar page is diverting me to a different page. Kindly, can you provide more details(especially regarding the approaches) on this project. Thank you

    1. Check our paper that summarized the winning methods:


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