Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Job Opening at Northeast Utilities: Senior Forecast Analyst

Posting a Senior Forecast Analyst job for a friend at Northeast Utilities. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Eileen Stanton directly. The job description is listed below:
1. Role and Scope of Position:
This position coordinates and develops electric and gas load forecasts using proven and verifiable methodologies.  Identifies sources of pertinent data, collects information and analyzes it to support forecasts, provide variance explanations and make recommendations for improving current methodologies.  Uses initiative, independent action and sound decision-making to develop load forecasts.  May represent NSTAR at professional and regulatory organizations.
2. Essential Functions:
> Develops load forecasts using econometric, time series and other proven methodologies.
Identifies sources of appropriate economic/demographic, load research and end-use data at highly disaggregate levels, and designs studies to collect and analyze pertinent information in support of load forecasting activities.
> Compares forecast performance with actual results, explains variances and suggests changes for future forecasting cycles.
> Researches industry processes and trends and develops recommendations in assessing the impact of changes usage patterns and the external environment on the future demand for gas and electricity.  Develops appropriate documentation.
> Provides assistance and guidance to less experienced personnel in developing load forecasts based upon proven and verifiable methodologies.
> Works with the director and manager in meeting the load forecasting needs of various stakeholders who use forecasts to carry out critical aspects of their work.
> Provides expert testimony in regulatory proceedings in support of load forecasts, methodologies and sources of historical and forecast data used in preparing forecasts.
3. Technical Knowledge/Skill/Education/Licenses/Certifications:
Technical Knowledge/Skill: Requires excellent statistical or econometric modeling skills, along with good oral and written communication skills.  Also requires computer-modeling skills on complex systems and knowledge in using a statistical or forecasting software program.
Education: Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, Engineering, Business Science, related discipline or equivalent experience.  An advanced degree in related discipline preferred.
Experience: Minimum of five (5) years related experience.
Licenses & Certifications: None
4. Competencies:
> Analytical Thinking Taking a logical approach to analyzing problems, developing solutions and organizing work.
> Concern for Order Proficient at organizing, establishing and streamlining processes and identifying an efficient workflow.
> Confidence/Decisiveness Demonstrating self-assurance in one’s ideas, judgments and capabilities and taking clear timely action in situations that require it.
> Forward Thinking Anticipating and planning to deal with future events, problems and opportunities.
> Initiative Taking independent action and going beyond what the job or situation requires.
Perspective Gathering information about situations, considering alternatives, identifying the key aspects, understanding the big picture, foreseeing future problems and opportunities.
> Results Orientation Setting challenging goals, monitoring progress and making sure that results are achieved as planned.
> Teamwork Facilitating cooperation within and across functions in order to achieve common goals.
5. Working Conditions: 
Work is performed primarily in an office environment, which requires sitting at a desk and using a personal computer.  Job can require occasional overtime during month closing activities.
6. Mental Aspects:
Work includes interpreting, analyzing, calculating, comparing, documentation and implementation.  This role works in an environment that often requires the performance of multiple simultaneous activities, where deadlines need to be met and work is performed under pressure while involving significant business commitments and results.

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