Saturday, June 15, 2013

Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2012

The paper is available on Science Direct.

Tao Hong, Pierre Pinson and Shu Fan, "Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2012", International Journal of Forecasting, vol.30, no.2., pp 357-363, April - June, 2014

Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2012

Tao Hong, Pierre Pinson and Shu Fan


The Global Energy Forecasting Competition (GEFCom2012) attracted hundreds of participants worldwide, who contributed many novel ideas to the energy forecasting field. This paper introduces both tracks of GEFCom2012, hierarchical load forecasting and wind power forecasting, with details on the aspects of the problem, the data, and a summary of the methods used by selected top entries. We also discuss the lessons learned from this competition from the organizers’ perspective. The complete data set, including the solution data, is published along with this paper, in an effort to establish a benchmark data pool for the community.

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