Saturday, July 2, 2016

Datasets for Energy Forecasting

Reproducible research is a key to advancing knowledge. In energy forecasting, it is necessary and crucial that researchers compare their models and methods using the same datasets. Five years ago when we founded the IEEE Working Group on Energy Forecasting, "lack of benchmark data pool" was one of the issues we identified. Fortunately, things have been changing toward the right direction over the past few years. More and more datasets are being made available to and recognized by the energy forecasting community.

This post will serve as the starting point of a blog series on datasets. In each post, I will feature a dataset and discuss how to use it. I will also host the datasets on Dropbox and provide the links in these posts. Meanwhile, I would like to take a crowd-sourcing approach to making a comprehensive and widely accessible data pool:
  • If you can host the datasets through other channels, please contact me. 
  • If you know of some public datasets that are not on my list, please contact me. 
  • If you have some private datasets that can be made available to the energy forecasting community, please contact me. 
Here is a list of 9 posts with the publicly available data that I have used in my papers. I will update the list with links and additional data sources, so check this page from time to time to see if there is something you need.

Electric load forecasting
  1. GEFCom2012
  2. GEFCom2014
  3. ISO New England
  4. RWE npower forecasting challenge 2015
Gas load forecasting
  1. RWE npower forecasting challenge 2015
Electricity price forecasting
  1. GEFCom2014
Wind power forecasting
  1. GEFCom2012
  2. GEFCom2014
Solar power forecasting
  1. GEFCom2014
Stay tuned...


  1. Hi Tao,

    Can you post a link to the GEFcom2014 datasets please? I can't find theme anywhere.


  2. I second the above comment! I'm trying to reproduce some research (and compare methods) and was hoping to get access to the datasets from the 2014 solar competition. Can you point me to where I can access the data?

  3. I just finished the post for GEFCom2014 load forecasting data. You can find the solar data from the same place.


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