Saturday, February 21, 2015

Keep Reading Every Day: Tao's Recommended Websites for Energy Forecasters

Last month, I moved all of my students to the newly renovated BigDEAL. At the same time, I started the BigDEAL seminar series. Part of the seminar is an information sharing session - each participant takes a 5-minute slot to share the most interesting readings of the week with the audience. The purposes are to:
  1. practice the story-telling skills; 
  2. broaden their views of the field; and 
  3. establish the habit of reading every day.
To make the story interesting, the students are expected to read from various of sources regularly. Below is a list of 12 websites I recommend. I will keep the list living here and update it as I find additional ones. If you know of any other interesting sites related to forecasting and/or energy industry, please let me know.
  1. Energy Forecasting 
  2. Hyndsight
  3. Business Forecasting
  4. The Business Forecasting Deal
  5. Econometrics Beat
  6. Freakonometrics
  7. No Hesitations
  8. Intelligent Utility
  9. Energy Biz
  10. T&D World
  11. Fortnightly
  12. Electricity Today
The first one is my blog, targeting energy forecasters. It also gets feeds from the websites #2 to #7, blogs in the areas of forecasting and econometrics. Websites #8 to #10 publishes news and articles in the energy industry. In addition, I ask all of my students to create and maintain their profiles on LinkedIn, where they can find interesting articles shared through the social network. 

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